Designed and developed from feedback from engineers in workshops. TTP Hard Drills:
Drills harder metals where a normal HSS drill bit can not come close

metric and imperial cobalt steel drills



TTP HARD DRILL BITS have been designed for the Easy and Effective drilling of Metals including the Harder Alloys. Manufactured from Tungsten and Molybdenum for increased Hardness and with Cobalt added to ensure superior heat resistance these drill bits are Guaranteed to perform in the most demanding of Applications.

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Drilling Steel - An Easier Way

Our cobalt drill bit sets are designed to drill through the toughest and hardest of abrasive materials, they are ideal to use for drilling into stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, spot welds and leaf springs.
Tungsten and Molybdenum make the drill bit incredibly hard, with an abrassive quality, TTP HARD cobalt drill sets have superior heat restistance.


If you are repeatedly drilling steel and hardened metals and are looking for a faster and easier way - TTP HARD DRILLS

Drill Size Range Available

Metric 1.0 mm - 6.5mm SOLD in packs of 10

Metric 6.8mm - 13mm SOLD Singles

Metric Sized Cobalt Drill Sets
19pc Cobalt Drill Sets
25pc Colbalt Drill Set

IMPERIAL 1/16" - 1/4" SOLD in packs of 10

IMPERIAL 7/64" - 1/2" SOLD Singles

IMPERIAL SIZED Cobalt Drill Sets
21pc Cobalt Drill Sets
29pc Colbalt Drill Set

Drill Cooling & Cutting Paste

Designed and developed from feedback from engineers in workshops. TTP Hard Drills will drill harder metals where a normal HSS drill bit can not come close.

Cobalt v HSS v Tit
anium Bits

Cobalt bits are made of cobalt steel which makes them hard enough to bore through tough hard metals such as stainless steel, chromed steel. Cobalt steel also makes the bits dissipate heat rapidly which is a prime consideration when cutting metal. Titanium bits are coated in a titanium ceramic material over a high-speed steel. The coating makes them hard, long lasting bits, and the titanium makes them dissipate heat well. Titanium is suitable for wood, plastic and most metals, although COBALT is a better choice for stainless steel and harder steels.

Cobalt drill bits and titanium bits hold their sharpness for a long time. However, titanium bits cannot be sharpened unless you grind off their coating in the process. The shank of a sharpened titanium bit will retain its coating but the point will be steel only and the drilling effectiveness will degrade.

Cobalt bits take a sharpening many times since they are made of cobalt steel throughout the bit. As a result, cobalt bits remain sharper longer than titanium bits. While it maintains its original strength through many sharpenings.

more info on the best drill bits for stainless steel. See drilling stainless steel for do's and dont's and how to successfully drill stainless steels

steel hardeness certification
Cobalt Hardeness Cerification by MIS Testing Ltd

sis certification for cobalt hardeness in the drill bits

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