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video showing how ttp cobalt steel drill bits easily drill through all different types of harden steel and harder alloys




drills for locksmithsUK Locksmiths Association TTP Hard Drills have been recommended by the UK Locksmith Association to its members visit.

drills for locksmithsTri County Locksmiths USA
Member Associated Locksmiths of America Wayne Winton of TCLS - tests TTP Hard drills visit.

"This is Wayne Winton with Tri County Locksmith Service. I have used the TTP-Hard-Drills and personally feel that they are some of the highest quality drill bits I have ever used. They work well on a large variety of steels from hardened spring steel to brass and aluminum, all with fast cutting speed and easy drill point starting. They are far superior to the average drill bits that can be purchased at the local hardware store. They have put much time and research into their product and it shows in pure performance. These drill bits are in my service truck and will be for a long time."
Wayne Winton TCLS.

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"I was struggling with some tough steel washers I needed to drill three small holes into around the circumference.
I had already wasted a mix of various ten HSS, Tungsten and Titanium coated drills without even successfully drilling one hole and was running out of ideas.
After trawling the internet I came across the TTP drills and was so impressed with the video I ordered a selection of sizes to try them out. What a difference! A firm pressure and some jiggling with the drill speed soon resulted in the drilling of all the holes with one drill and with the same curl of swarf seen on the video.
The other drills produced dust, if I was lucky.
I also use the TPP drill cutting paste which now occupies pride of place on my workbench.
TTP might sell tough products but I found them anything but tough to deal with, communications were excellent and the drills arrived on time and well packaged I would deal with them again without hesitation and can highly recommend their products and service.
Thanks TTP".
Arnie -

"The drill has drilled several holes through 0.25 inch plate steel and is still going strong !"

"Great drill bits"

"Just to let everyone know these drill bits are BRILLIANT, it is the first time I have ever worked with metal and was using Bosch titanium bits , managed 3 holes with 3 drill bits. Then I ordered TTP bits and they were like a hot knife through butter. I was drilling 1cm hard steel and the job was so easy. Highly recomended, Don't buy expensive immitations."

"Buy them ! Unmatched by any drill bit I've ever used, I love them !"


"They are amazing. Didn't believe the hype, but it appears to be true. I am a locksmith and drill hard plate on safes. They really tore into it. You don't make them in any longer lengths do you? 6"-8"

Steve Stroud

"These drill bits are unmatched, if you are looking at them buy them ! Well worth the money, I also received a free tin of metal work Grease with my second order."

"These went through stainless okay better than I thought could do with some 5 mm ones as well."

"They are fabulous. I still haven’t had the time to use them for their actual intended purpose – drilling out exhaust manifold studs, but I did try them out on a couple of bolts to see how they
did and was very impressed ! Told a bunch of my friends about them.
Hoping to get a joint order together.
I want some more sizes or one of the sets !"
R. Scott Martin, Pres.
P. C. Supplies, Inc.

"Great performance through 6mm steel. "

"Precision sharpened and very hard, unlike most HSS drils."

""I was very happy with my purchase of the tough drill bits , they allowed me to drill out some broken off tensile bolts from a 25 year old motorbike cylinder head , failure in this would have meant finding a new head or abandoning the project”
Jim J

"Very Effective Drills, Used them today, Will Purchase Again No Hesitation."

arnold clark plant hire"They really are mint, they really are."

Jim @ Arnold Plant

Designed and developed from feedback from engineers in workshops TTP Hard Drills can drill through harder metals where a normal HSS drill bit can not come close....