TTP Hard Drill Bits:
Cobalt Drill Bits For Stainless Steel an easier way to drill stainless steel

Drilling stainless steel

video showing how ttp cobalt steel drill bits easily drill through all different types of stainless steel

TTP cobalt HARD DRILLS are drill bits for drilling stainless steel and are designed to drill through the toughest and hardest of abrasive materials. They are the choice cobalt drill bit for drilling into stainless steel.
TTP Hard Drills - Best drill bits for stainless steel - guarenteed

Drilling Stainless Steel -

Stainless steel, high hardness - how easily can it be drilled with a hand power drill and a TTP Hard Drill Bit ?
The work hardening effect when drilling stainless steel (the chromium in the stainless steel makes the stainless steel harder to drill than carbon steel) is the main cause of problems. Centre punching with conventional conical shaped punches can result in enough localized work hardening to make drill entry difficult. This can make the drill tip deflect or wander, glaze the surface and / or blunt the drill tip and result in drill breakages, particularly where small diameter holes are being drilled. During drilling it is essential to maintain the feed to cut through the work hardened layer generated as the metal is cut.

Drill slowly and allow the bit to do the work. If you apply too much pressure friction will cause your drill bit to redden with heat which in turn will blacken the stainless steel. The same will happen if you engage the drill to its full speed. The trick here is to find a happy medium, that "sweet spot" at which the drill, the bit and the metal cooperate fully.

TTP Hard Drill bits are the best cobalt drill bits for drilling stainless steel, chrome, hardened steel and harder alloys. The TTP Hard Drills 135° split point (self centering) combined with the deeper parabolic flute form (manufactured from Tungsten and Molybdenum for increased Hardness and with Cobalt added to ensure superior heat resistance) ensure that these drill bits are Guaranteed to perform in the most demanding of applications like drilling stainless steel.


TTP Hard Drills for drilling stainless steel are available as cobalt drill sets and also available as single cobalt drill bits.

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