TTP Cobalt drills an easier way to drill harder steels

TTP Hard Drill Bits: an easier way to drill steel, steel plate and harder alloys

video showing how ttp cobalt steel drill bits easily drill through all different types of harden steel and harder alloys

TTP cobalt HARD DRILLS are designed to drill through the toughest and hardest of abrasive materials.
They are ideal to use for drilling into stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, spot welds and leaf springs.
TTP Hard Drills - Drilling 12.9 Tow Bolt-TTP Hard Drill bits are idealy suited to drilling all types of steel, steel plate even Hardox steel. The TTP Hard Drills 135° split point (self centering) combined with the deeper parabolic flute form produces closer hole tolerances, heightened chip breaking action and improved coolant flow drilling in all types of steels and harder alloys. Manufactured from Tungsten and Molybdenum for increased Hardness and with Cobalt added to ensure superior heat resistance these drill bits are Guaranteed to perform in the most demanding of applications in drilling steel, harder steels and alloys.

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