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Metric drill bits for metal


20 TRADE DISCOUNT VOUCHER RED 300x80 - Metric drill bits for metal


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10 x 1mm, 10 x 1.5mm, 10 x 2mm, 10 x 2.5mm, 10 x 3mm, 10 x 3.3mm, 10 x 3.5mm, 10 x 4mm, 10 x 4.2mm, 10 x 4.5mm, 10 x 5mm, 10 x 5.3mm, 10 x 5.5mm, 10 x 6mm, 10 x 6.5mm, 10 x 6.8mm, 1 x 7mm, 1 x 7.5mm, 1 x 8mm, 1 x 8.5mm, 1 x 9mm, 1 x 9.5mm, 1 x 10mm, 1 x 10.2mm, 1 x 10.5mm, 1 x 11mm, 1 x 11.5mm, 1 x 12mm, 1 x 12.5mm, 1 x 13mm, Set 1mm-10mm x 0.5mm (19 bits), Set 1mm-13mm x 0.5mm (25 bits)


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Metric Drill Bits

TTP HARD drills are available in metric sizes from 1mm to 13mm.

TTP HARDkIT1 13 Cobalt drill kit 1mm 13mm close up metric drill bits e1538747391233 - Metric drill bits for metal

Metric Drill Bit Sizes

Sizes 1mm to 6.8mm are available in packs of 10 drill bits.

Sizes 7mm to 13m are available individually.

TTP HARD53x10 10x5.3mm TTP HARD Cobalt drill bits Metric drill bits e1538749583140 - Metric drill bits for metal
TTP HARD130 1x13mm TTP HARD Cobalt drill bit Metric drill bits e1538748315899 - Metric drill bits for metal

Metric Drill Bit Kits

We have two cobalt drill kit options.

1mm to 10mm x 0.5mm (19 drill bits)

1mm to 13mm x 0.5mm (25 drill bits)

TTP HARD DRILL KITS Cobalt Metric drill kits Metric Drill Bits e1538749801739 - Metric drill bits for metal

Metric Drill Bit Testing

SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification facility conducted a Hardness check to BS EN ISO 6508-1:2016 using the Vickers testing method.

Video of test and certificate of hardness available.

Image of video of Vickers hardness test - Metric drill bits for metal
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