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Which drill bit set should I buy?

If you are in the market for a new set of drill bits the choice can be daunting. For the purpose of this article we will assume that you are looking for a set of drill bits for drilling metal. Drill bits for metal come in a variety of options including  standard HSS, Cobalt, Carbide and even Titanium. Some of these can be very expensive as they mau be most suitable for  drilling specific metals in specific conditions such as a controled production set up.

If you are like most professionals or diy enthusiasts you would like to be able to drill through a variety of metals. And ideally some pretty hard metals if possible. If this is the case we would suggest a good set of 5% coablt drill bits.

You will never regret buying a good cobalt drill bit set as it will serve you well if you drill different types of metals. Cobalt drill bits are capable of drilling harder metals including stainless steel. They are available generally in either 5% cobalt or 8% cobalt.

Because a 5% cobalt will drill the majority of hardened metals and is more durable than an 8% cobalt bit is is often the choice of professionals and diy enthusiasts.

Although 8% cobalt drill bits will drill slightly harder metals than 5% cobalt drill bits they are also more brittle and therefore more likely to break if not used in a very controlled situation.

Cobalt drill bit set

TTP HARD drill sets are used by by mechanics, civil engineers and diy enthusiasts.

They will easily drill through harder metals including difficult stainless steel. They are manufactured from 5% cobalt. 

HARD drill kit 1 13mm arty photo copy - Which drill bit set?
Drill bit set with customer - Which drill bit set?
Drill bit set with EMR customer - Which drill bit set?
Drill bit set with Shovlin plant - Which drill bit set?

Cobalt drill bit sets by TTP HARD drills

TTP HARD cobalt drill bits are avaialable in both metric and imperial sizes.

Metric sets

1mm to 10mm x 0.5mm (19 drill bits)

1mm to 13mm x 0.5mm (25 drill bits)

Imperial sets

1/16″ to 3/8″ x 1/64″ (21 drill bits)

1/16″ to 1/2″ x 1/64″ (29 drill bits)

Cobalt drill set 1mm 13mm - Which drill bit set?
Drill bits for metal testimonial - Which drill bit set?

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