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Cobalt drill bits

We have designed our cobalt drill bits (5% cobalt) for the drilling of harder metals and alloys including stainless steel. As a result our drill bits are the drill bit of choice for both professionals and enthusiasts. 

What are cobalt drill bits

Most cobalt drill bits contain either 5% cobalt (M35) or 8% cobalt (M42). The higher the percentage of cobalt the more brittle the drill bit will become, therefore 8% cobalt drill bits are better suited for controlled drilling situations, such as where a pedestal drill ensures perfectly straight drilling and drilling speed can be controlled.

For most non production drilling applications, and particularly when drilling is been performed with a hand drill M35 or 5% cobalt drill bits would be the preferred option as these are less brittle. However 5% cobalt drill bits have superb red hardness and abrasion resistance and will therefore perform superbly in the drilling of harder metals and alloys.


Why choose cobalt drill bits

The  addition of cobalt

  1. Improves the ‘red hardness’ of the drill bit. This is the ability of the drill bit to maintain its cutting abilities at higher temperatures.
  2. Improves the abrasion resistance of the drill bit, hence reducing unnecessary heat build up.
  3. Cobalt drill bits can be resharpened therefore increasing their life. 

We are delighted to have customer testimonials from satisfied diy enthusiasts, locksmiths and professional installers.

Drill bit sizes

TTP HARD drill bits offer both metric and imperial sizes therefore increasing drilling size options.

Metric drill bits

Individual metric sizes

1mm to 6.8mm are available in packs of 10 drill bits.

7mm to 13mm drill bits are sold singly.

Metric drill bit sets

19 piece cobalt drill bit set (1mm to 10mm x 0.5mm)

25 piece cobalt drill bit set (1mm to 13mm x 0.5mm)

Buy Metric TTP HARD drill bits


Imperial drill bits

Individual sizes

1/16″ to 1/4″ are available in packs of 10 drill bits.

17/64″ to 1/2″ drill bits are sold singly.

Imperial drill bit sets

21 piece cobalt drill bit set (1/16″ to 3/8″ x 1/64″)

29 piece cobalt drill bit set (1/16″ to 1/2″ x 1/64″)

Buy Imperial TTP HARD drill bits



Hard drill bits

 Testing for hardness


In order to determine the hardness of our cobalt drill bits we commissioned SGS testing to conduct a Hardness check to BS EN ISO 6508-1:2016 using the Vickers testing method. 

 We were delighted to achieve an average hardness of 66 on the Rockwell scale.

 You can watch the video of the hardness test being carried out. 


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